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At CitiClean, we proudly perform a high-quality and dependable carpet cleaning services throughout New York . Our high quality clean penetrates deep into your carpet fibers and removes all threatening stains, dirt, germs, dust mite and allergens.

As a local business, operating throughout the New York area, our special teams give you the direct attention and valuable knowledge you need during a professional carpet cleaning service.

Exposed Dirt, Stains More Than Eyesores

Untreated messes in your carpets cause serious problems for the future of your home.

Excess dirt weakens the bond of the fibers and causes tearing and holes. Stains set into the carpets leads to complete discoloration and fading. Allergens and germs cause both minor and major sickness for all of your family members.

Let the carpet cleaning team from CitiClean clear out all these problems and leave you with a clean you will love.

Comprehensive Clean with Options

We perform a complete carpet cleaning service that cleans every fiber right down to the padding. Our highly-trained team of technicians uses a combination of a modern, high-efficiency machinery and traditional cleaning methods to give you the best clean possible.

We offer you four cleaning options to achieve the clean you need. When you choose a service from our New York carpet cleaning team, you enjoy one of the following cleaning methods: carpet steam cleaning, deep cleaning, dry cleaning and traditional shampoo cleaning.

Each of these cleaning methods completely remove all set-in stains, embedded dirt and harmful germs and allergens.

A Trustworthy Green Clean

When you choose us for a carpet cleaning service, you enjoy a truly green clean. At CitiClean, we refuse to use any chemically-based cleaning solutions.

Instead, we use only non-toxic, certified green cleaning products to clean your carpets. These special green products eliminate messes using 90% all-natural, powerful ingredients. They leave you with a pure clean healthy for your family and the natural environment.

So when you need a complete, professional clean for your carpets in New York, call CitiClean and book a free, no-obligation estimate.

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