Oriental Rug Repair New York

Traditional Oriental Rug Repair New York

CitiClean offers a specialized Oriental rug repair service to help mend all damages in your valuable piece. We employ only trained, experienced technicians who repair your rugs using both traditional techniques and modern approaches. 

Our professional service helps reclaim the original strength and beauty of your rug. We use only the finest materials and products to deliver high quality repairs.

Passion, Knowledge, Experience

Our work with fine Oriental rugs represents a pure passion for the craft. Oriental rugs tell special stories and history based on their design, color and patterns.

We help restore and maintain these special qualities even after damages appear in the rug. We reinforce its original strength and increase its lifespan. 

Professional Rug Repair Solutions

Various factors create different damages to your fine piece. Excess dirt and dust weaken the foundation and knots which leads to tearing and holes. Set-in stains discolor and fade the original artistry.

At CitiClean, we repair these problems and more using non-detectable methods. We perform the following Oriental rug repair services:

Spot and Stain Removal

Custom Fit Padding

Handmade Rug Re-Weaving.

Repair of Slits, Rips, Tears

Water Damage Restoration

Fix Color Bleeding

Moth Damage Repair

Pet Damage Restoration

Hole Patching

Fringes Repair or Replace

Oriental Rug Restoration

Rug Hand Binding .

Guaranteed Service & Quality

Our rug repair service comes with a 30 day guarantee to ensure your satisfaction in our quality repairs.

So when you need a trusted, professional Oriental rug repair service, call the CitiClean team. 

Persian rug repair and restoration

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