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At CitiClean, we proudly offer you an expert, skilled rug cleaning service that completely cleans every fiber, knot and weave of your rug.

Our area rug experts come backed with hands-on experience with every type and style of area rug. We promise to not only clean your rug totally but also to treat it with the attention and respect it deserves.

When your fine area rug starts to show signs of everyday wear, aging or exposure, call CitiClean for a truly professional cleaning service.

Our Knowledge & Your Rug Equals A Perfect Match

We love fine area rugs. We consider our rug cleaning New York treatment more of a passion than work.

We know that rugs come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, materials and styles. We know that the intricate details of area rugs, like the dyes, original craftsmanship and techniques, represent geographical, historical, sentimental and monetary value.

We also know that pollutants and wear damage the high value and overall quality of your rugs. Dirt, dust and allergens fade the colors and weaken the padding, fringes and knots to allow easy tears and holes. Set-in stains represent eyesores and completely discolor your rugs.

Our specialized rug cleaning New York treatment restores, protects and cleans your precious piece. We work with all types of fine rugs including Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, silk, wool, handmade and machine-made rugs.

Step-by-Step Gentle, Effective Cleaning Process

Our rug cleaning process starts with a complete inspection of your piece. This helps us uncover all the problem areas and prescribe the proper cleaning method.

At our state-of-the-art, where we clean your rugs, we start with a dusting treatment the removes all excess dirt and allergens completely. We then soak the rug in a pre-condition bath of natural minerals.

We remove the rug and then perform the prescribed cleaning method. Your rug then lies to dry completely in a temperature controlled room. Once dry, we perform a final inspection and professional grooming treatment.

We return your rug to you completely cleaned and restore to original brilliance. So when your rug starts to show signs of use, call us for a complete rug cleaning New York treatment.

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