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Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning New York

Professional Clean, Sparkling Results

Most times, homeowners overlook the need for a professional tile and grout cleaning service for bathrooms and kitchens.

Our team of cleaning technicians services all tiled area of your home including bathrooms, kitchens, entry ways and mudrooms.

Our comprehensive tile and grout cleaning New York system removes all problematic germs, stains and dirt from all your tiled areas completely.

Obvious, Off-Putting Messes

Mold, dirt, stains and germs easily absorb into the grooves and pours of the grout between your tiles. These messes lead to unsightly eyesores and serious damages to the integrity of your tile as a whole.

Mold and bacteria cause airborne illnesses that attack the upper respiratory system. These germs also raise serious problems for asthma and allergy suffers.

Messy tile and grout obviously affect more than just the cleanliness of your home, they pose threats to the health and safety of your home. Let our qualified tile and grout cleaning New York team remove the problems professionally and completely.

Specialized Process, Pure Green Clean

Our specialized cleaning treatment leaves your tile and grout sparkling and clean. We use a combination of effective cleaning products and penetrative methods to remove stains, dirt and germs.

At CitiClean, we use only non-toxic, certified green cleaning products to clean your dirty grout. These gentle, yet effective, green products use all natural ingredients to remove all stains, germs and other messes completely. They leave you with a healthy, safe clean for your family and the environment.

Our skilled technicians work deep into the grooves and pours of your grout using precise methodology. Our proven techniques powerfully bust through the tough stains and set-in messes to leave you with a deep, concentrated clean.

When you need a quality clean, call the expert tile and grout cleaning New York team at CitiClean.

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