Odor & Stain Removal New York

Professional Odor and Stain Removal New York

Smelly Spots, Stains Polluting Your Home?

Over time your home collects a large amount unpleasant smells and spots that require a professional odor and stain and removal treatment. Traffic from your family and guests, along with accidents from your pets, leave your carpets, area rugs and upholstery in a messy state.

Normal carpet cleaning or at-home treatments will not rid the smell and stains completely. The professional technicians at CitiClean offer a comprehensive odor and stain removal New York treatment that restores the freshness in your home.

Tough, Safe, Complete Clean

At CitiClean, we use a proven process to remove the worst smells and toughest stains. Our saturation and extraction methods work deep into the affected area and extract all threatening messes.

We use only all-natural cleaning products and disinfectants to keep your home clean and safe. Our effective, yet gentle, green cleaning products neutralize the odor at the molecular level without harsh, chemical ingredients.

Our green cleaning products break down all stains and convert them into natural, free rising soaps. These soaps easily rinse out of your carpets, rugs and upholstery taking all stains and messes with them.

Our green products not only preserve the health in your home, but also, they protect the environment too.

Restored Freshness, Total Clean

When CitiClean finishes your odor and stain removal New York treatment, you can enjoyed a newfound freshness and clean for your family and pet to enjoy.

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