Carpet Restretching New York

Professional Carpet Restretching New York

Don’t Get Caught Up in Damaged Carpet

At CitiClean, we offer you a professional solution to all your carpet problems with our full service carpet repair service.

Just like all other things in your life, after time, your carpeting starts to break down. Tears, holes and buckling lead to an unsafe and unkempt home. If left untreated for too long, these damages necessitate a completely new carpet.

At CitiClean, we correct the problems in your carpets before it’s too late. We employ only the best technicians in the industry to perform our professional carpet repair New York services.

Common Carpet Problems, Professional Solutions

Due to daily rolling traffic, the bonding of your carpet starts to weaken and deteriorate. This leads to problem called buckling.

With buckling, your carpet you see lumps of loose carpet scattered among your home. This creates a dangerous environment for all members of your family, especially the elderly and youngsters.

To correct buckling, we send you a trained, experienced member of our carpet repair New York team to smooth out the problems. Our technicians use power stretchers and knee-kickers to correct any buckling present in your carpets.

If tears and holes pollute your carpets, trust us to repair the problems in no time. Our skilled technicians perform a re-seaming service. This service re-enforces and strengthens the original tear and hole.

No Damage Too Big, We Guarantee It

No matter the problem, we repair your carpets using non-detectable methods based in carpet knowledge and artistry. Our repairs give you a long-lasting solution that holds up well to heavy, frequent traffic.

Our carpet repair services come with a 30% satisfaction guarantee. If our solution didn’t fix the problem the first time around, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll come back and perform another repair as soon as possible.

So when your carpets start to look lumpy and torn, call the expert carpet restretching & repair New York team at CitiClean. We deliver you trusted, complete repair every time.

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