Sofa Cleaning New York

Professional Sofa Cleaning New York

Dirty Sofa? Clean it Up with Professional Sofa Cleaning

Just like the carpet in your house, the sofa in your living room needs regular upholstery and sofa cleaning New York treatments to keep it looking good and smelling fresh.

The sofa in your living room sees heavy rolling traffic everyday. This traffic brings about stains from spills, dirt from family members, pets and guests and dust and allergens from all over the house.

Clean up your entire sofa with a thorough sofa cleaning New York treatment from the professionals at CitiClean.

Green Clean Sofa

At CitiClean we use only organic, non-toxic cleaning products to clean your sofa completely. Our special green cleaning products go deep into the seams and folds to extract dirt, stains and allergens embedded in your sofa.

Because these green cleaning products use no harmful chemicals, they leave your sofas simply clean and safe for your entire family. Also, these products clean your sofa textiles without damaging fibers and textures.

Tender, Attentive Care

Our highly-skilled technicians come to you backed with years of experience. They know how to treat all sofa upholstery without damaging its natural fibers or original look.

The CitiClean technicians give you a sofa cleaning treatment that refreshes and revives even the dirtiest and most warn sofas.

After a professional sofa cleaning New York treatment, you can rest your head and feet in a health, clean cozy spot again.

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