Deodorizing Treatment New York

A Fresh Smell for Your Living Room

While time passes, your home accumulates dirt and dust, which brings unpleasant and unwanted smells into your life. Even if you clean routinely, foot traffic from house residents and gusts, as well as accidents (human ones or caused by a beloved pet) leave their mark, scent wise.

That where professional deodorizing treatment comes in. After the your rug, carpet or upholstery is cleaned professionally, you want to make sure the smell – as well as the stain – is gone, and a fresh smell comes in. 

any home treatment you may use, as thorough or deep as you can employ, still wont remove the stains or odors completely. Only professional, experienced service can do that. Using the right tools and the proper method, Citiclean technicians will do the job, guaranteeing a fresh start for your household items, with your comprehensive deodorizing treatment in New York.   

A proven Process

We use a proven process in order to remove bad smells and stubborn stains. Using saturation and extraction to truly affect the needed area, we are able to get it out without damaging the item, whether it be a sofa, wall to wall carpet, or a treasured area rug. 

Citclean, with all of its services, uses only 100% natural, biodegradable cleaning products, and our deodorizing treatment works is extremely efficient while being organic and safe for you and your family. 

A Complete Clean done Right

After we employ our deodorizing treatment, in your New York home, you will be able to enjoy again your home, free of all distracting smells and odors. Call us today for expert services. 

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