Oriental Rug Cleaning New York

Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning New York

Oriental Rug Love from CitiClean

CitiClean offers full service, trusted Oriental rug cleaning services for your treasured piece. We give your Oriental rug the high level service and close attention it deserves.

Our team of Oriental rug cleaning New York experts comes back with years of technical and artistic training. They not only respect the original style and design of the rug, they preserve and enhance them.

When your fine treasure needs a clean, trust none other than your local New York professionals at CitiClean to give it the care and attention it requires.

Threats to Your Treasure

Fine Oriental rugs require regular professional cleaning services to combat everyday pollutants from use and exposure. No matter where you place an Oriental rug, environmental factors eventually start to take a toll on the natural qualities.

Dirt and dust accumulate over time and weaken the bonds and knots of the rug. This leads to easy tears and holes.

Stains and germs also create serious problems in your rug. If left untreated, stains, of any kind, can permanently discolor your rug and leave behind unpleasant odors.

Expert, Artistic, Complete Cleaning Service

At CitiClean, we completely clean, clear and refresh your Oriental rug using modern and traditional methods and non-toxic, certified green products. Our process effectively removes stains, dirt, dust and other pollutants without harming the natural, original beauty of your rug.

As with our regular rug cleaning treatment, we start your Oriental rug cleaning New York service with a thorough examination. This helps us catch all messes and determine the correct cleaning method.

After this, we dust your rug to remove dry messes and then place it in a pre-conditioning bath.

Next, we carefully clean your rug taking care to uphold the original qualities while removing all stains and dirt. Once clean, we leave your rug to dry in a temperature-controlled room.

Before we return your rug, we perform one final inspection where we check for any problems we may have missed. We complete the process with a professional grooming treatment.

So, when your treasured piece needs a professional cleaning service, call the Oriental rug cleaning New York experts.

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