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Professional Mattress Cleaning New York

Protect Your Bed

Have you ever considered having a professional mattress cleaning treatment? Your mattress houses more than just your cozy, snuggly bed partners.

In reality, your mattress plays host not only stains and dirt, but also, dust mites and bed bugs. A professional mattress cleaning New York service from CitiClean completely eliminates threats from these unwelcome pests.

Bugs on the Rise

In a recent study released by the Mayo Clinic, bed bugs are back with a vengeance. In the past year, researchers documented a 90% increase in bed bug infestations throughout the United States. Most of these infestations happen in private homes, college dorms and hotels.

Other than bed bugs, mattresses host other pests that create chaos for your overall health. These pests, known as the common house dust mite, hide out deep in the springs of your mattress.

They flourish in all stable environments where humans live. Dust mites eat all dead, dry skin floating off of your body and leave behind dangerous feces.

Bug, Dirt and Allergen Free

A professional mattress cleaning New York treatment successfully annihilates dust mites, stains, dirt, bed bugs and other embedded allergens. At CitiClean we deliver quality results with our professional mattress cleaning treatment.

We start our mattress cleaning treatment with non-toxic products to wash the damaged area completely and thoroughly. Our powerful, yet gentle, products kill bed bugs, dust mites, bacteria, viruses and molds.

We then thoroughly rinse your mattress and sterilize the affected area. We conclude the job by removing all accumulated dirt and dust.

After CitiClean finishes the professional mattress cleaning New York treatment, you sleep easy in a completely clean and naturally sterilized bed. Sweet dreams.

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