Fire & Water Damage New York

Water Damage Repair New York

24/7 Emergency Response Team

In the event of fire or water emergency, CitiClean rapidly sends you our professional fire and water damage repair New York team. We work quickly to restore the safety, health and beauty of your home or office.

Lingering Fire & Water Problems

Fires in your home leave behind score marks on your carpets, rugs, upholstery, dry wall, hardwood floors and moldings. These scorch marks weaken the foundations of your furnishing throughout your home making for easy holes, tears and complete breaks.

Standing water encourages mold and bacteria growth in your home. Mold leaves behind a black, fuzzy stain that also weakens furnishings while emitting unpleasant odors.

If left untreated, scorch marks, ashes, and mold affect the air quality of your home. They lead to breathing problems, allergic and asthmatic reactions, and respiratory illnesses.

Protect your family and home from these threats with help from the fire and water damage repair New York team.

Complete Restorative Treatments

We start the repair process with a complete examination of the damaged areas. Here we accurately identify all threats and damages.

In case of excess water or smoke, we completely dry the area using the best industrial room fans and specialized carpet fans. Our fans push out all moisture and lingering smoke completely.

We then proceed to a thorough cleaning treatment that removes mold, scorch marks, bacteria and ashes. We use only non-toxic, certified green cleaning products to clear the mess.

These powerful, all-natural solutions completely eliminate stains, germs, allergens, dirt and ashes without compromising the healthy or safety of your family and the environment.

Once clean, our team of experts restores and repairs any damages including holes, tears, breaks, discoloration and fading. We leave you with a fresh, beautifully restored home.

We finish the treatment with an all-natural deodorizing treatment that neutralizes any offensive odors.

When faced with a fire or water emergency, call the fire and water damage repair New York team for immediate response service.

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