Leather Furniture Cleaning New York

Professional Leather Upholstery Cleaning New York

Keep your Leather Looking Clean, Feeling Soft

CitiClean offers specialized leather cleaning treatments to clean and refresh your valuable, beautiful furniture completely.

We employ only the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians to clean your leather pieces. They offer you honest and expert service and leave you with top-quality results.

Our leather cleaning New York service removes all tough stains and other messes from your furniture. Trust us to give you a proper clean that won’t harm the natural texture or quality of your leather.

Knowledgeable Service, Attentive Eyes, Careful Hands

At CitiClean, we start the professional cleaning service with a complete examination of your leather piece. This helps us identify the type of leather covering your furniture, find any specific stains or problem areas, and determine the most appropriate cleaning method.

Leather comes in two forms when used as an upholstery textile: finished and unfinished. Finished leather comes with a kind of protective coating while unfinished does not. Both types take special care and attention.

Regardless of the type of leather, our technicians clean your furniture by hand. Instead of powered machines, we use soft, white cleansing cloths or sponges.

We gently wipe away and blot up all messes and even tough stains during the leather cleaning New York service.

Gentle Soaps for Complete Moisture, Great Luster

When working with leather, we use only gentle cleaning and moisture soaps. These soaps wash away all problem areas without dehydrating the leather.

Our soaps also feature non-toxic chemicals that harm your leather, family or the environment. They leave you with a pure, natural and long-lasting clean.

If needed, especially for untreated leather, we finish the cleaning treatment with a protective oil coating. This coating locks in moisture and protects your leather from premature cracking, fading and other damages due to daily use and exposure.

So when your leather piece needs refreshing, call the expert leather cleaning New York team at CitiClean.

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