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Choosing the right Persian rug repair, restoration and maintenance company is the first and most important step of making sure your Persian rug is safe and not damaged further.

More than that, under the hand of a true expert, any rug can transform back to what it once was; vital, beautifully colored, holding a complete form and shape, and most importantly - regain its original character and style, which was the reason you got it and kept it throughout the years. 

Citiclean offers New Yorkers a comprehensive Oriental and Persian repair and restoration services.

A Team You Can Count on

Our team of expert and seasoned professionals will make the best of what you rug has to offer. We can fix any hole, color it back to its once beautiful palette, trim even its fringes and make it look like was the first time you laid your eye upon it.

During the process, which includes a complete organic cleaning as a way of making sure the repair is done properly, we go over every inch of the rug, inspecting it thoroughly and looking for any sign of trouble, whether it’s a structural issue or a weary part that needs to be taken care of.  

Using top of the line equipment, and applying the knowledge gathered from working with thousands of different type of rugs, we promise to surprise and present you with a beautiful seemingly “new” rug.

To get your old beloved Persian rug back, call us today.

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